Insurance and Billing



Financial Arrangements

Questions About the Cost of Your Hospital Care? Call 305.9016 for an estimate of your hospital care cost or if you need assistance with financial arrangements.

Questions about how the Affordable Care Act or how to purchase insurance? Click here for more information.

Your Hospital Bill

During the admission process, you will be asked to assign all benefits of any insurance you have to the hospital so that it may bill these companies on your behalf and receive the payment directly. After your discharge, a bill will be mailed to your insurance provider. If there is a remaining balance after the insurance company pays or denies the claim, you will be responsible for paying that balance. Should you have any question concerning payments or denial, please contact your insurance company.

Other Bills Related to Your Stay

You will receive separate bills from your personal physician, surgeon and other specialists such as a radiologist, anesthesiologist, emergency physician, cardiologist, or pathologist for services that your doctor has requested. These professional service charges are not included in your hospital bill. Please contact the appropriate professional if you have questions about their service.

  • UPA Central billing office: 865.670.6199
  • Laboratory (LabCorp): 865.305.9705
  • Cardiology: 865.544.2800
  • Emergency Physicians: 888.952.6772
  • Pathology: 800.238.0097
  • University Anesthesiologists: 865.588.0880
  • University Pathologist: 800.238.0097
  • University Radiologists 865.584.7376
  • UT Day Surgery: 865.305.8585

 Insurance, Medicare, TennCare or Other Payment Arrangements

Patient Accounts representatives are available to discuss terms for paying any balance owed to the hospital. Balances owed by patients may be managed by an outside contractor.

For patients who do not have health insurance

UT Medical Center has trained staff who are knowledgeable about programs that may provide assistance with healthcare expenses. These individuals will help you locate support programs. However, UT Medical Center staff cannot apply for assistance on your behalf so you must contact such agencies.

As a service to you, the hospital provides a trained staff of individuals who will bill and process your claim for you so that you will receive the full reimbursement to which you are entitled. If your claim is rejected or modified by your insurance company, however, it is your responsibility to pay the balance.

UT Medical Center routinely reviews inpatient accounts for TennCare eligibility and will assist you with the initial application for TennCare. However, you must provide any additional information in a timely manner to TennCare to obtain coverage or verify eligibility. Remember, you are responsible for payment of any non-covered services.

The hospital bill you receive may be eligible for a discount if you do not have insurance coverage. In some cases of hardship, other arrangements may be made. For information about our guidelines for assistance, please contact a financial counselor at 865.305.9016 or Patient Accounts at 865.251.4400.

If You Have Multiple Insurance Plans or Medicare with Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental and secondary insurance plans require proof the primary insurance has paid before processing a claim. This may cause some delay in your final billing. If your supplemental or secondary plan does not pay your claim, you then will receive a statement from UT Medical Center. Please call the billing office at 865.251.4400 if you receive a bill that you believe your supplemental insurance should pay.

If You Have Non-Managed Care Insurance

The medical center will submit your bill to your insurance carrier and allow 60 days for payment. If a payment is not received, you will receive a bill. For assistance in obtaining payment from your insurance carrier, please call our billing office. You are responsible for paying your medical bill if your insurance carrier refuses to cover your claim.

If You Have a Remaining Balance After Insurance Payment of Denial

Any portion of your hospital bill that your insurance will not pay is your responsibility. If you need assistance or to discuss terms for paying account balances, please contact a UT Medical Center patient accounts representative at 865.251.4400. Sometimes UT Medical Center may use an outside contractor to manage remaining balances.

Questions Concerning Your Hospitalization Insurance

If you have questions concerning your hospitalization insurance or other financial matters, please contact one of the following.

  • Prior to admission:
    Admitting Office - 865.305.9016
  • While hospitalized:
    Financial Counselors - 865.305.9016
  • After discharge:
    Patient Accounts - 865.251.4400
Required Collections

UT Medical Center collects deductible, coinsurance or copays prior to service when planned in advance. Accepted forms of payment include cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

Itemized Statements

Most insurance payments are not based on itemized charges, so UT Medical Center does not routinely mail itemized statements to patients. If you would like an itemized statement, please call 865.251.4400 and allow up to two weeks for receipt.


If you would like an estimate for elective, non-contracted insurance or non-covered procedures, please call one of the financial counselors at 865.305.9016. Prices quoted are estimates only because of the complex nature of medical procedures. The final charge depends on the actual services provided.

You will be responsible for paying any remaining balance of your hospital bill.