UT Medical Center front entranceWhat is a Center of Excellence?

A Center of Excellence is an area of health care specialization in a medical center that is recognized by the medical community as providing the most expert and highest level of care. At The University of Tennessee Medical Center, we designate a clinical service as a Center of Excellence when it meets these criteria:

  • A comprehensive clinical continuum of care
  • Quality differentiation of services and technology
  • Commitment to education and research
  • Clinical and administrative leadership
  • Community impact and market prominence

Why Is a Center of Excellence Important to You?

A Center of Excellence means more focused care in a critical medical field. It means you have access to a full range of treatment options and quality care. It means the doctors who treat you are so qualified in their specialty that they are entrusted with training future doctors in the field. And it means that every patient can be assured that we are focused on improving treatment protocols, programs and outcomes for every patient.

What Are the Six Centers of Excellence?

As an academic medical center, The University of Tennessee Medical Center is uniquely qualified to create and maintain six Centers of Excellence. We can demand higher expectations from every member of our team. And our emphasis on medical research results in new and innovative procedures and treatments of a wide variety of medical diseases. Having six Centers of Excellence is assurance that the medical center is taking measures today to provide the broadest range of health care tomorrow.

Doctor examines stroke patient

Brain & Spine

At the Brain and Spine Institute, experts in the field of neuroscience bring patients the best health care in East Tennessee. The institute treats a full range of neurological diseases and disorders, including patients with the most complex stroke cases. The Brain & Spine Institute is home of The Pat Summitt Clinic, which uses the latest technologies and therapies to diagnose and treat Alzheimer’s disease and non-Alzheimer’s dementia.


The Cancer Institute at The University of Tennessee Medical Center provides each patient with compassionate, comprehensive and coordinated care through a multidisciplinary, innovative approach. As the largest provider of cancer care in the region, the Cancer Institute offers the broadest spectrum of cancer specialists and services to care for the adult population. From the prevention of cancer, and early detection strategies to survivorship and end of life care and everything in between, the Cancer Institute is here for you. 

researcher in lab with test tubes

trauma team working on patient in emergency room

Emergency & Trauma

The Emergency & Trauma Center is the region's Level I Trauma Center for adults and children. It serves as the tertiary referral center for medical care in East Tennessee, serving Knox County and 21 surrounding counties. The center offers the most advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment for various emergency and trauma injuries and conditions, treating more than 80,000 patients each year with a commitment to individualized, patient-centered care and teamwork.

Heart Lung Vascular

Heart, lung and vascular diseases are interrelated and have many common issues, therefore, the University of Tennessee Medical Center’s Heart Lung Vascular Institute brings them together under one roof. The Heart Lung Vascular Institute's staff is expert in clinical care, teaching and research. Patients receive exceptional healthcare combined with patient-centered care, premier technology and extensive patient/community education in one convenient outpatient facility.

trainer working with heart patient on treadmill

orthopaedic doctor with patient on walker


The Advanced Orthopaedic Center at the University of Tennessee Medical Center provides all levels of orthopaedic and rehabilitation care for our patients. Our center is dedicated to caring for you with a comprehensive range of orthopaedic services. Whatever your orthopaedic needs — Level I Trauma Care, a fractured bone or a strained muscle, or arthritis — our team delivers the most advanced skills, interventions and treatments available in East Tennessee. 

Women & Infants

Board-certified physicians at the Women and Infants Center provide treatment for women in every stage of life with a special focus on health concerns of mid-life women, including heart disease, cancer, arthritis and menopause-related issues. The Women and Infants Center of Excellence also offers the state-designated perinatal center for high-risk pregnancies in the region as well as a private room Level III NICU, the highest designation possible.

NICU nurse caring for preemie in incubator

Excellence is Part of Our Culture

From patient care to research to how we greet you, The University of Tennessee Medical Center strives for excellence in everything we do. And it’s our commitment to excellence that has earned us recognition from a variety of national organizations.